Project wood elves

The beginning part 1

Hi all, haven’t posted anything up in a long while. So I have decided to start a new project. After watching guerrilla miniature gaming Ash Barker on youtube playing 6th edition Warhammer skirmish. I will be doing wood elves I had some bits left from a few years ago, which will need a lot of rework and some repair. A spell singer, Noble and 14 glade guard also 6 war dancers (£18.90 with p&p) which turned up in the post today from ebay. I will be using eBay and trade groups trying to keep the price as low as possible, to get the toys I want. Also will be trying to get my friends involved as they have some old stuff knocking about themselves. My plan will be to post up once a month my work in progress.

Not sure how I’m going to paint them might do it like the eavy metal team or try to.

Happy wargaming Dcminiaturespainting


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MESBG Tournament & hobby time

So this Saturday attended a tournament put on by the Guardians of Wilt-shire (Dewi Evans) call The Guardian’s Call to Minas Tirith, held at Bristol Independent Gaming. 500pts limit 4 games 1:30hr each and 30 players attending.

I decided to take my Isengard army for something different and I wanted to use magic.

Game 1 Lords of Battle

Jack Stanley was an alliance of Easterlings & Khandish led by Amdur mainly cavalry army. This game start of slow, I was using Saruman to trying dismount Jacks forces with sorceres blast. Which work well and didn’t do too bad with my bows also. Did that for a couple of turns then eventually I started moving my scout forward. When we eventually got in the combat started using Lurtz hero combat and started racking up kill points. 1-4 to me.

Game 2 Capture and Control

Kate Andrews had Azog’s Legion led by Azog. Having played this character before wasn’t keen, so I hung back doing a best of what I could with my shooting using Saruman. But what I should have done which I didn’t was sorcerers blast one of orcs into Azog so I could dismount. Eventually our battle lines clashed. Kate was also using bats which are very nasty and never come across before and dismounted Saruman which change things for me. Also having grima help slow down Azog with wormtongue. Kate had 4 objective markers. 4-9 to Kate

Game 3 Hold Ground

Dan Nelson had Angmar 🤢🤮 led by the witch-king himself. I started off to be awkward,he did a dice roll where I got to decide where to put him. So I did it closer to me on the opposite board. He did manage to keep his Force altogether. When I eventually got to come on it was dans turn to be awkward I had to set up behind his army making things very difficult. Combat happen really quickly didn’t do well because of the shade (nasty thing) and the witch-king broke Saruman staff 😫. I think Dan had the red haze eventually come to a point where he broke my army. And didn’t get enough time to get to the objective marker and the dice ended the game. 0-5 to Dan.

Game 4 To The Death!

Jake Dry had Black Gate led by Troll chieftain. So I moved up to position where at my Bose could be of use and Saruman spells. I was using Saruman’s free will point on the Troll chieftain to try and get him to use his will points for when I actually got into combat with him I could immobilise him. When we did get in to combat this did work, but when rolling for wounds the dice gods weren’t with me. Eventually the chieftain was killed with sorcerers blast. But Jake had more numbers than I had and time was called. 3-5 to Jake

Would like to say a big thanks to all my opponents I had fun and enjoyed it and also to Dewi for running it and it went smooth mate look forward to the next one.

Hobby time

So far with the Pelennor box set I’ve managed to clean and glue most of the troops but I’m a little bit behind I was actually hoping have all done by this weekend. When I have finished assembling everything I think the first lot I’m going paint will be the undead I want to try some thing different. Also done a little bit more painting on Theoden.

Many thanks dcminiaturepainting

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Middle Earth strategy battle game


Hi all, so towards the end of last year Games workshop released MESBG box set which I pre-ordered and received by local hobby gaming Centre
Bristol Independent Gaming. The only thing that I have done with the box is take the rules and theoden out.

I’ve not actually done a great deal to theoden just assembled partly painted that’s about it. So I’m going to use my blog to help me get motivate to actually attempt to finish the box set 😂. See how long it will take, might also try and do some painting tutorials. And at my local gaming centre they’ve also been holding tournaments which they’ve had three of so far all been great fun.

There will be another event held at B.I.G next weekend Saturday put on by the Guardians of Wiltshire.

Here’s grima wormtongue which I recently finished.

Just a chinwag not much, happy wargaming and painting.

Thanks dcminiaturepainting

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Army Showcase

Hi all, I had a tournament to attend in January into the West 450pts. I wanted to take something different other than my minas tirith so I decided on good Good and Evil as this is allowed at the event. I decided to do uruk-hai scouts & breaking of the fellowship. So I started at 1st Dec and finished the last miniature on 25th Jan. So to help speed things up I didn’t put as much work into the basic troops but with the hero characters I put more work into them.

I used two versions of Lurtz which I painted at the same time keep the colours same.

I did the same thing to Merry and Pippin with uruk-hai carrying them underfoot versions.

A with the fellowship I already had the three Hunters painted. I just needed to add in a couple of extra bits Aragorn on horse and two hobbits.

When painting Aragorn on horse I decided to watch Two Towers the scene warg’s attack and go for the colour scheme of that for the horse.

I also decided to make some objective markers.

Three to represent Isengard and two for the fellowship ( I did try making a third boromir’s vambraces).

So I did saruman’s book of knowledge, his staff is broken( this was the second attempt of making the staff) and a palantir.

Boromir is one of my favourite characters from the animated to PJ film’s and books felt kind of sad painting this. I was quite happy how all the Miniatures turned out. My favourite ones Merry and Pippin and boromir oh and Aragorn I just don’t like painting horses. when painting all this is lot. GW showed the new three Hunters which looks absolutely amazing so I look forward on painting them in the future. Just need to catch up with my backlog of Middle Earth miniatures.

Many thanks dcminiaturepainting


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Colour it in

White hand of Saruman

Hi all, recently I posted up on the gbhl Facebook group 4 uruk-hai scouts I did. Which had a good response of likes and comments. One of the comments asked about the white hands I painted on the figs. So I thought as I haven’t posted anything on my blog for sometime. It will be a good excuse to do a little tutorial on how I done it. So I looked at my hand imagine that there is white paint on it and I transfer that image on to the miniatures ( bit like when you’re a kid hand painting).

So using VGC stonewall grey as my base colour I stippled/dabbed with a size 1 sable brush a rough shape of a hand. Then I added some VGC dead white to the base colour. Changing my brush to a size 0 sable, doing the same process again but in smaller areas as best as possible. I repeated it a third time with a bit more VGC dead white.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect as these guys have been running for a good couple of weeks sweating and rubbing up against each other so the paint will be coming off.

Always remember to thin your paints with water or thinners. If there is too much paint on your brush dab on a kitchen towel so does not spill on your miniature when doing your free hand.

VGC = Vallejo game colour

Hope you find this helpful and get something out of this and happy painting.

Many thanks dcminiaturepainting

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Hello again

Hi all,it’s been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog. With private life and doing quite a few tournaments for the last 6 to 7 months ,I haven’t had much time to sit down and do blogging. So I’ll do my best to try and remember what I’ve been up to with the tournaments and hobby. So first up back in November 2017 there is a big event called W.A.R in Reading. Where many miniature manufacturers go to show off their new toys and also many tournament events like SBG and 40K plus AOS and many more. The SBG the W.A.R of the ring Vol.2 which was put on by Dave Clubley was a team doubles events. I teamed up with my friend Ian and we both decided to use the evil force he had Harad myself Mordor. We were both new to using this force so you’re learning as we’re going along we did OK finish in mid table.

Next event was Into the West the local one for me put on by the King brothers in January. Think off the top of my head tournament was about 450pts as always I took my minas tirith. I came about mid table and also won best army. Sadly I forgot to take pictures.

A week after I did a one day event a Christmas special called Santa is a wizard too! Which was meant to happen in December but due to very bad whether it was cancelled. So the T.O Marc Kempster organised it’s the first weekend of February. He still kept it as a Christmas theme which he had competitions for best Christmas beard and jumper plus painted model. I played 4 games at this tournament. Two of which I remember very well because I never played them before. Dewi Evans Mahud force with camels. These guys may have a low defence but they’re fight and strength smash my force. Can’t remember the player name but he had a new force dol guldur. So that was a necromancer with a couple of the new ringwraiths as well. Very grindy long game I find eventually the best way to play against this force is not to kill the ringwraiths just have them bounce of your shields. And do your best trying to put as many wounds as possible on the necromancer. Think I came second from last maybe. I had minas tirith.

In March went to Beacons of Chester 2018 put on by Gethin Watkins. So at this event I want to do something slightly different I went evil played with Mordor & Angmar. I added more troops and mounted ringwraith to my previous evil that I took in November. I’m relatively new to using spell slingers but I don’t think I did a bad job using the ringwraith just got to remember to reposition properly after casting spells. This was a fun and enjoyable event I got to meet a lot more new players. Finished in the high mid table.

And just round the corner was a GW store and this was in the cabinet.

Last up is E.T.C put on by Dave Nolan ( YouTube channel dwellers in the dark) in April at Cardiff Firestorm games. I was part of Wales B team there are 4 players. So I had minas tirith with Gandalf the White. I managed to get two drawers and 4 losses. A lot of my games were very close. The team captain Luke Davies had high elves managed to get one win and a draw. Also Luke got best sporting well done mate well deserved. Sadly our other two members of the team lost all their games Aaron had Rohan with the lady of the light, Ian had isengard with Saruman. Wales A team finished mid table and Wales B team we finished rock bottom but we came out of it with a little trophy. This was the most competitive torment I’ve ever been to so far. I learnt so many new things from this event which I will always remember for upcoming events. And I’m pretty sure all the members of my team would say the same. All my opponents were great but there armies were filthy 😉.

Now I know a lot of this is a bit vague but it’s a lot to remember over the last few months. Over the next few months I’ll probably posting up a lot of hobby time because got some more events to be going to.

Many thanks dcminiaturepainting.


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Hobby time and RPG

Hi all,haven’t posted much up in a while but here are some of the things I’ve been up to. So a mate of mine Nathan has decided to do D&D 5th edition. I haven’t played any D&D since 3.5 so a long time ago. I’ve made six characters and on the night of arrival for our Dungeon run I’ll roll a D6 whatever it lands on is the character on player. And that’ll be this Saturday night wooo.

On the painting side of things I’m doing some commission work which is a hordes everblight throne a bit of a beast this one.

Next one is my second commission morals of from Warlord Games the bolt action range Polish cavalry, the riders are fines but the horses are absolutely terrible they look like donkeys.

Last of this my own project some more Hobbit sbg staff making an evil force getting ready for final tournament I’ll be doing this year in November some morannon Orcs.

Thanks and all best dcminiaturespainting

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