Hobbying Middle Earth miniatures

Hi all, here’s a update on what I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks trying to get ready for Ardacon. Been working on the three Hunters Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. I did try to follow a tutorial from the white dwarf magazine using equivalent paints to match it but while doing it and finding out however they make the mixes it wasn’t matching up at all so I did my own thing.

last week I finished my off Osgiliath veterans and Citadel guard. I’m still working on their captain faramir he’s always done.

Last up is my caved tolls, buhrdur I got brand new but the other three were second-hand so I had to do some bodge jobs to make them look acceptable.

Hope you like it all. Cheers dcminiaturespainting



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6 responses to “Hobbying Middle Earth miniatures

  1. You’ve been busy! Great stuff overall, but the colours and blending on Aragorn up top are fantastic. Really nice leather especially.

  2. Aragon’s cloak worked out well and the rich leather colours also work well with the sculpt. The facial expression is also well rendered. I can make out the resolve in his eyes :).

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