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Colour it in

Hi all,this is my second painting tutorial colour it in. What I’m painting this time will be from Scarab Miniatures there Projekt X range a Soldat( basically a zombie Nazi in power armour). This will be very similar to the previous colour it in I’ve done. I started off with Vallejo surface primer black through the air brush.

 For the base colour I made a mix of VMC ger. dark green 1:1 VMC black. I painted this mix mostly on the plate armour leaving some of the areas like trim ,elbow and joints still black. Done about 3 layers.

Next I done a heavy wash shade of GW nuln oil.

The next layer I applied was a straight VMC ger. dark green. I applied this all over the plate armour again but leaving the recesses of the previous shade a loan. Done about 4 layers.

Next I’ll start to highlight the armour using a mix of VMC ger. dark green 1:1 AP desert yellow. I done a lots of thin layers starting with the paint at the top of the armour using a second moist brush dragging it down ( blending it out).

Adding more of AP desert yellow to mix so it’s 2:1 VMC ger. dark green. Doing the same process again but not dragging the moist brush as far.

Adding more to the mix so it will be AP desert yellow 3:1 VMC ger. black green. I’ll paint all the edges of the green armour.


Next I made a glaze to try and soften and bring the colours transitions all together. Using a mix of Vallejo glaze medium 1:1 VMC ger. dark green also adding in 4 drops of water. I applied 3 very thin layers all over.

Now that all the green is finished I will paint all the other areas with VMC black.

Next I start highlighting all the black areas, leaving the helmet alone and the creases in the arms and behind the legs. The mix is VMC black 1:1 VMC german grey. Done in 3 layers.

The next highlight will be similar to what I did with the green using a second brush. Starting from the high points at dragging it down using straight VMC german grey. It is kinda hard to see in the picture but hopefully you can.

So I will now paint all the edges of the black I’ll using VMC grey green. Done with 2 layers.

Next I will paint a helmet using VMC grey green done with 2 layers.

Then I applied a shade 1 thin layer of GW nuln oil.

Once the shade is dry I reapply VMC grey green done with 2 layers leaving the recess of the shadow showing. Sorry that was meant to be a picture but I forgot to take it. For the next Final highlight on the helmet I used a mix of VMC grey green 2:1 VMC sky grey. When applying the paint I use the second moist brush again to drag it out.

I wanted the armour to look a little different rather than just green I added some brown tiger stripes in random parts of the armour. Using straight VGC charred brown done in 4 layers.

 Next I highlight the tiger stripes using a mix of VGC charred brown 2:1 VGC beasty brown. I’m also trying to leave some of the previous colour showing.

For the final highlight used a straight VGC beasty brown painting it more in the centre of the tiger stripes. Done with 2 layers.

Now we’re getting close to the end peeps going to do a little bit of basic battle damage. Using straight VMC black all paint random little marks on the armour.

Paint all the random black chips and also grills on the back and front and a plug with GW leadbelcher done with 2 layers.

Then I did a shade wash on the grills and plug using GW agrax earth shade.

Now for the finishing part of the miniature I will be painting energy bar on the gun is lenses on his mask and a button on the back pack. I used GW mephiston red done 2 layers.

I then applied a mixed shade wash of VGI black 2:1 VGI red done with 2 layers.

I then reapplied GW mephiston red but this time I did a lot of thin coats so the red was watered down quite a bit.

For the highlight I did a very similar using a very thin down GW wild rider red. After I painted very high points of the highlight using GW fire dragon bright. Done with 2 layers.

So the miniature is done I will not be varnishing it as I do not intend gaming with it just yet. Just need to do the base. For this I used Deco Art burnt umber as the base colour. Then I did a heavy dry brush of cinnamon brown followed by a heavy Brow brush of golden brown to finish off I used AP strong tone. Also adding some flock and leaves.

When painting I do add water or thinning medium to the paints but this varies between brands and age of paint. Here is the range of paints I used:

VMC Vallejo model color
VGC Vallejo game color
VGI Vallejo game ink
GW Citadel paints
AP Army painter

Hope you enjoyed this painting tutorial many thanks dcminiaturespainting.

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Hi all,last weekend I finished just under 500 points of tomb king for KOW. Had fun painting them tried doing different techniques to help speed up painting as there’s a lot of rank and file troops and leaving special characters at the end to take a little bit more time on them.

Also at the same time while waiting for paint to dry I’ve been working on a commission work from my friend on his khador war dog. When the dog is done I will be carrying on with the next part of my tomb king army, and probably working on lot of Middle-earth stuff too.

Cheers dcminiaturespainting.


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Hi all, I’m having a break from painting Middle Earth models and working on some other stuff instead. At my local gaming club one of the members has set up a league for Kings of War, so I’ve pulled out my old Tomb King’s army which I never finished so now I can get it done for this system.

I’m  rebasing set a model to suit the game and I plan on painting a Regiment then 2 troop’s and a hero, so I don’t get so bored of painting the same thing. I’ll repeat this till the force is done.

And alongside this I will be doing another colour it in, painting a zombie nazi in power armour by scarab miniatures from there Projekt X range.

Thanks all dcminiaturespainting.

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A Journey’s End


Hi all, this weekend I went to the gbhl finals tournament a journey’s end in Cardiff at Firestorm games. This was my third and final tournament of the year, the points for this tournament was 850.

 The only force I have ready for sbg at the moment is my Gondor Minas Tirith so here is my list that I took.

Warband 1

(AG) Aragon,King Elessar + Armoured
6 Knight’s of Minas Tirith + Shields = 359

Warband 2

Faramir + Armoured horse + Heavy armour + Shield
6 Knight’s of Minas Tirith + Shields + Banner =203

Warband 3

Pippin, Guard of the Citadel + Pony = 30

Warband 4

1 Warrior + Banner
5 Rangers of Gondor + Spears
6 Guards of the fountain court = 192

Warband 5

5 Rangers of Gondor + Spears = 65

Total= 849


Game 1 total domination

This game involves placing 1 objective markers in the centre of the board, then both players place two objective markers each randomly on the board. Players must hold the objective markers and trying to smash the opponents army to pieces ( this definitely happen to me) and casualtie models can come back ona 4+ next turn. My opponent was Sam Jeffrey his army was mostly the new Iron Hill dwarves lead by Dain plus Thorin and a Warband of woses warriors with Ghan-buri-ghan also Galadriel. I set up to my block of infantry  on the centre and I had on my left and right flanks cavalry units hoping to try and squash Sam army in the centre. I would try and keep two of the objectives with my smaller Warbands. Sadly this did not happen at all the new Iron Hill dwarves are tanks very hard to kill, my strength 2 arches didn’t doing any damage whatsoever in the centre so I would have to move them up and fighting it out in close combat. I moved Aragorn and the cavalry to meet the dwarves in the centre this didn’t go very well. A  warband of dwarves with Dian meet head-on with a vicious combat ending with all my knights dead. Sam then had Aragorn surrounded with the dwarves with Galadriel. Aragorn had long good hard fight but in the end he died. After the fight with the knights Sam sent Dain on warpig to my bottom right-hand corner where’s Pippin hid basically killing all in his way. On the left-hand side of the board I had faramir try to take on objective also trying to kill the woses Warriors then came along Thorin. It was a very long fight on this side also eventually going to Thorin. After the game was called by T.O Sam had won 14-2.

Game 2  supply run

Nice simple game simply grab the crates from the middle of the board then run back to you’re board edge. My opponent for this game was Scott Turner his army was a mix one of Fallen Realms, Mordor and Angmar. I set my army up pretty much the same as the last game. Scott set his up with Burhdur on my top left next he put Gothmog with morannons warband in the centre just off to the right next was Amdur with kataphrakt warband and the last thing he put up my top right corner was Shelob. I start off sending Faramir with his Warband  off to get the create on the left and Aragorn with his warband on the right side create. I left 2  Knight’s from each warband to try and pick up crates when the remainders of the warbands would try and head up and stop the on coming force. Madril’s warband I had on top of the hill shooting at Gothmog’s warband it seems a good idea at the time but later on wasn’t. With Damrod’s warband they would take pot shots at whatever they could see. So when the 2 knight’s were picking up the crate on the right hand side Aragorn with a knight was dealing with Shelob. The remaining 3 knight’s  were dealing with the kataphrakt. The 2 knight’s did pick up crate  and start heading back to my board edge. The other 2 knight’s on the left side didn’t manage to pick up the crate faramir and the rest of his Knights were being picked up by Burhdur and being thrown around like rag dolls. Scott got Gothmog’s warband to centre crate, at this point kataphrakt warband had killed my 3 knight’s so we had to send Aragorn over to deal with them letting Shelob move towards my 2 knight’s with the crate. Also Scott split Gothmog’s warband ( forgot there was a shade)to get the crate on the left side, so I left a warrior to do a lot of shielding and sent faramir to the centre. Now Shelob was catching up with the 2 knight’s so I decided to try and charge her with Pippin but he failed courage tests. Aragorn was trapped trying to fight his way out, Shelob now caught up with the knight’s knocking the crate down. I try to get Madril’s warband over to Shelob but it was too late my army was broken I failed a few tests and time was called. Scott won 9-0.

Game 3 breakthrough

The objective of the game you pick a warband class them as your spies you deploy them on your opponent’s board edge and send them off your side. My opponent for this game was Brad Cottington he was using large cavalry force with Rivendell Knights with Legolas and Saruman.Brad set his warband spies on my bottom right corner, the remainder of his army he puts more to the top centre. I deploy Aragorn top left and Faramir top right. We both rushed are warbands to each other’s board. Faramir’s warband went into Brad’s Rivendell Knights spies the mass of close combat also Saruman was sniping with Sorcerer’s blast killing that warband off. Aragorn’s warband was slowly being picked off by Brad’s 2nd Rivendell Knights Warband. I did manage to get 4 spies off and Brad got of 10 the remainders of both are forces were just exchange fire until time was called. Brad won 20-8.


Game 4 treasure hunt

The objective of the game is find treasure under terrain there are 6 counters marks from 0 to 5 placed on this terrain you cannot the numbers you must roll a 6 to reveal It for your eyes only. Also deployment is random for your warbands. My opponent for this game was Gethin Watkins his army was a mixture of wood elves I can just remember the characters Elladan&Elrohir  Galadriel and Thranduil(old) oh plus Alfred. So Gethin got deployment 1st he set up his army on my far right board edge. Now when you get low rolls on deployment your opponent gets to choose where you deploy and that is what happened to me. Gethin got me to deploy most of my army on the left side of the board. I did manage to get Faramir’s Warband up close to his army by Alfred but my Madril’s warband didn’t turn up to about turn 3 or 4. Gethin got to put Pippin behind legolas’s warband you can guess what happened there. He moved Thranduil’s warband to take on Faramir’s and using nature’s wrath knocking faramir and most of the knight’s to the ground eventually all standard backup to get into close combat. I moved Aragorn’s warband move across the board leaving 1 knight on a hill objective and another knight by a house in the centre of the board. At this point Gethin had killed all Faramir knight’s off also holding an objective on the hill and in the woods Faramir was still fighting on. I did manage to see what the points were underneath the house and the hill, Gethin was trying to get a 6 but it wasn’t happening. I sent Aragorn over to woods but he was shot off his horse the other remainder knights I ended up sending over to the centre opposite side of the house to deal with warriors of arnor. When I got Aragorn to the woods he then was fighting out with Galadriel and Thranduil eventually killing both off. At that point I was holding most of the objectives but Gethin managed to get a 6 on the Hill finding out it was worth 0 points. Not long after he also found out what the house was worth 5 point so with the twins he sent them as fast as he could to the left hand side of the board. I desperately trying to get my army broken to end game that didn’t happen and time was called. Gethin won 12-3.

Game 5 cut off the head

The objective of this game is nice and simple kill off your opponent’s heroes. My opponent for this game was Ed Ball his army was a mix Rivendell Knights and Gondor trebuchet with Gandalf and Legolas plus another Alfred. Ed set his army up with trebuchet to my top left corner Gandalf and Legolas in the centre and the Rivendell Knights in the top right corner. I set my army up with Faramir knight’s in the centre left and Aragon in the centre right with his knight’s. I put  Pippin and Damrod’s warband  behind Faramir and with Madril’s warband I put behind Aragon. With this I sent my cavalry charging into Gandalf and Legolas Ed used sorceress blast but didn’t get any casualties by the end of turn 2 they were both dead. Ed was having fun with his trebuchet and cavalry shooting at Madril’s warband killing off quite a few of my infantry. I moved Pippin and Damrod’s warband to the trebuchet to get them and close combat. Then I moved Faramir and Aragorn up to the hill where Ed’s Rivendell Knights were and they met in the middle for a big fight. Ed also sent his trebuchet crew to fight Pippin and Damrod’s warband. There was a lot of to and fro but in the end Ed’s army was broken. I won 22-1.

Game 6 hold ground

The objective of this game is a place a marker centre of the board you must have as much of your army in the centre of it ( or at least 6 inches around the marker) you get bonus points for having a banners nearby as well. My opponent for this game is good friend of mine Ian Porter in his army was about 53 wild men and 20 orc on wargs (he won best army). Ian deployed his army with wild men in the centre and wags to the left and right of the board. I set my army up the same as the last game. In this game there was a lot of heroic movements with both of us to try and get our warbands in to combat. I formed a circle of spiky spears with Madril’s warband around the centre of the board using the terrain to my advantage. Faramir and Aragorn warbands were doing a lot of damage to Ian’s wildmen. But yet again there was a lot of to and fro with the fighting between armies. Eventually Ian’s army was broken, on the next turn to see if the game continued he roll the dice and got a 1 game had ended. I won 22-14.

I would like to say thanks to all my opponent’s I enjoyed all my games I played and I had great fun. Also thanks to Matt & Ali King for putting on an enjoyable event, and I received this.


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W.I.P Hobbit SBG

Hi all, here is a quick update on my Minas Tirith force as of tonight I’ve got my knight’s to a level that is acceptable for the tournament but I will be finishing off a later date. Well I’ve been waiting for the paint to dry I’ve been working on character models doing green stuff and gluing, also making repairs on Aragon’s horse supporting foot it snaped in half when showing my friend the miniature. Some very colourful words came out when that happened. The Knights bases aren’t done as I wish to do it the same time as all the character models. Here are some pictures many thanks dcminiaturepainting.

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W.I.P Hobbit SBG

Hi all, in about three weeks time I’ll be going to my third and final GBHL tournament of this year. The tournament will be 850 points so I’m going to have to increase my Infantry, Heroes and cavalry to my existing Minas Tirith force. So I started work on 12 Knight’s of Minas Tirith also I’ve have made their own bases like they’re riding on a paved road. Hopefully I’ll finish these sometime next week and then I will start on the heroes and infantry. The heroes I’m doing are Aragorn King Elessar, Faramir and Pippin for infantry I am doing 6 guards of the fountain court. Here are some pictures thanks dcminiaturepainting 

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Finished LOTR

Hi all, I finished off some Haradrim Warriors and 1 Abrakhan Guard last week.They taken longer to paint than I would like for basic troop. I’m happy with the blue and white colour scheme but the white was a pain, think I’ll try a different way with the next batch. I will change the wash I put on the black skin and I’m might changing the brand of paint I used for the silver. I didn’t know what colour to  do the bases so asked on GBHL facebook, picked one of the suggestion sandstone on the path and red brown for the gravel. The next batch I do I’ll spend a bit more time on clean up didn’t notice how bad the mould lines were on the bows until it was too late. The guys with the spears above there head I couldn’t paint the face to well. So I will keep the hands with spears separate after I’ve done I’ll glue on be for varnishing. The bases I bought from GenerationShift part of the broken white city range, he has many more others bases on offer look him up on facebook.

The paints I used:
(Skin Tanned) FP Mediterranean Flesh set, GW Reikland Flesh wash
(Skin Black) FP African Flesh set, GW Nulu Oil wash
(Blue) VMC Dark Prusia Blue, VMC Ultramarine, VGI Black, VGI Blue
(White) VMC Sky Grey, VMC Off White, VMC White
(Metal) VAGC Gunmetal, VAGC Chainmal Silver, VAGC Silver, GW Nulu Oil wash
(Leather Brown) VGC Leather Brown, VGC Plague Brown, GW Seraphim Sepia wash
(Wood) VMC Flat Brown, GW Agrax Earthshade wash
(Varnish) Humbrol Gloss Cote, Daler-Rowney Matt

FP-Foundry Paints
GW-Game Workshop
VMC-Vallejo Model Color
VGC-Vallejo Game Color
VGI-Vallejo Game Ink
VAGC-Vallejo Air Game Color

Hope you like it thanks dcminiaturespainting.


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