Wargaming bits and bobs

Hi all, haven’t posted up much in some time but this is what I’ve been up to been playing a lot of Armageddon shadow war and getting into the new 40K which I’ve been enjoying very much. I got the starter boxer of shadow war been trying to work on the terrain but sadly my airbrush has been temperamental so haven’t done much work on it. I’ve been using the scouts that come in the box set for friendly games but with some friends I’ve been using an Inquisitor kill team for campaigning.

Along with the 40K stuff I’ve been working on a new warbands for The Hobbit sbg I’ll be going to Ardacon tournament in August. The new army that I did start work a Azog orc hunters force which I can’t continue at the moment as games workshop are out of stock with most of the items I need. So I’ve decided to carry on with and add to my Minas tirith for my main force I’ll be taken to the event. When I was working on Azog I broke the handle to the mace and had to make a quick repair using privateers press brass rods and drill set to fix it.

Many thanks dcminiaturespainting.



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2 responses to “Wargaming bits and bobs

  1. Excellent Ork warband. The variety of skintones is also a nice touch.

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