Finished Work

Hi all, So last year I took this lot to GBHL final (A Journey’s End) but they weren’t finished. Now I finally finished my Knight’s Minas Tirith & Heroes last week. When I first started to paint these I wished I didn’t I hate painting horse’s but I’m glad I did. I was very happy with how they turned out for tabletop stander. I did a lot of the painting at my works on lunch an idea I pinched from YouTube channel iRex (Adam Troke). This is something I do quite often now to fly through my backlog of miniatures. I will be do a lot more of painting at my break as I’m heading to Ardacon this year. So I’ll have to put a lot of other miniatures to side and  concentrate on my middle-earth one’s. Also the next couple of colour it in will be middle-earth. Here is a link if you like to know more about Ardacon

Many Thanks dcminiaturespainting


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