Hi all,last weekend I finished just under 500 points of tomb king for KOW. Had fun painting them tried doing different techniques to help speed up painting as there’s a lot of rank and file troops and leaving special characters at the end to take a little bit more time on them.

Also at the same time while waiting for paint to dry I’ve been working on a commission work from my friend on his khador war dog. When the dog is done I will be carrying on with the next part of my tomb king army, and probably working on lot of Middle-earth stuff too.

Cheers dcminiaturespainting.



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4 responses to “W.I.P

  1. Those Tomb King troops look great, looking forward to the cavalry wing. The terrain effect on the bases is very nice also, making the most of the regimental basing.

  2. I also think the bases look great. Excellent dusty/barren effect. I also like the use of white and blue to add a bit of contrast and interest to the bone.

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